Conference Webcasting and Video
Features & Benefits

Benefits of webcasting

  • Enhance delegate experience
  • Expand your audience
  • Enable your delegates to view concurrent sessions.
  • Review a precise record of the conference proceedings
  • Brand your presentations using logos and messages
  • Increase your revenue via sales to delegates/non delegates and through marketing opportunities with your sponsors.
  • Offer sample content to encourage new delegates


  • A recording that that can be viewed on the internet either live or on-demand.
  • The recording takes the form of a synchronised video of the presenter and their powerpoint presentation.
  • The presentations are edited to remove superfluous content i.e. change over of presenter, and then uploaded to the Videosurgery server. They are placed in their own catalogue (Catalogue View) and can be viewed individually (Individual Presentation View)
  • The viewer is then able to access the presentations via a simple internet link and view them on their own laptop or PC using streaming (i.e. non- downloadable) video
  • A broadband internet connection with a band width greater then 256 kps will permit uninterrupted streaming.
  • A “slide list” view is permitted and this allows navigation through the presentation. As the slides are synchronized to the video of the presenter, the video jumps to the appropriate point of the presentation when a particular slide is chosen.
  • If a live recording is required there is a facility for the viewer to “post a comment” which can then be passed on to the presenter, allowing for real-time interaction.
  • On-demand presentations can be viewed via a simple link from a dedicated website
  • Banners at the top and bottom of each video allow for placement of company logos and URL links to dedicated websites e.g. sponsors.

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