Medical Video Services
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Andrew Renaut Videosurgery, Medical Video services
Andrew Renaut, Surgeon and Director of videosurgery

Videosurgery specialises in the production of medical videos, predominantly surgical, both edited and unedited. Its staff are uniquely placed to handle the full array of video production and broadcasting from content and scheduling through to script writing, direction, recording, editing, production, uploading and hosting.

Typically a specialist or an institution will commission a video of a particular procedure which can then be distributed on DVD or uploaded to the internet for online viewing.

Videosurgery has also successfully developed the VS1 broadcast system that is specifically designed to remotely capture video images from the OR and to then broadcast these either live or on demand to a secure audience using internet based streaming video.

Videosurgery can configure and individualise an existing website so that videos can be viewed from that site. Video is rapidly being accepted as the medium of choice for the purposes of demonstration and teaching. Both medicine and surgery are eminently practical subjects and video lends itself spectacularly well to these disciplines.

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