Live surgery broadcasting

The viewing of live surgery is an essential part of surgical training. Whilst nothing can beat “being there”, constraints from a number of directions have been placed on access to the OR by surgical trainees.

High quality broadcasts of surgical procedures, either live or on demand, that can be an be viewed by surgical trainees via the internet are now a cost-effective and easy solution.

Videosurgery has successfully developed two different broadcast systems that achieve the same result:

  • VS-1 - a broadcast system that is specifically designed to remotely control the OR camera systems (via the internet) and to then remotely capture the video images and broadcast these, either live or on demand, to a secure audience using internet-based streaming video.
  • VS-2 broadcast system is an on-site system giving local personnel direct control of the camera system, and the capture and uploading process. It utilizes the Mediasite recording and hosting platform – this also allows for real time interaction with the audience.

Videosurgery will work with your hospital’s operating suite personnel to install a camera system or to develop an existing camera system and then to configure this for integration with the either the VS-1 or VS-2 system to allow your surgeons to broadcast their surgery live over the internet via a secure website.

See an example of a live surgery video

Video Surgery's regular live surgery broadcast is now available at:

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